• One-Of-A-Kind Prints

    Rainbow City is me! I’m the mayor and call all the shots. Why mayor? Why not! I get a real kick out of it. My name is Heather, and I'm a Canadian artist, based out of Ottawa, ON. 

    Isolated during COVID, I spent time in the Rainbow Studio (my apartment) playing with colours and painting with acrylics. I loved the pieces so much that I couldn't just hang them up, I needed to share!

    You won't be able to find these unique prints anywhere else!

  • Colourful & Comfortable

    Finally! Let your fun side show and enjoy bright colours in your everyday wardrobe. This collection was created to seamlessly match solids and prints, giving you great outfits, all the time!

    Each piece of clothing was designed with the body in mind with prints placed to enhance the silhouette.

    The main goal is for you to be able to be comfortable and wear colour everyday.

  • Sustainable & Cruelty-Free

    Everything is made to order, when you order. This means that nothing is made in a sweatshop (cruelty-free) and unpurchased merchandise never ends up in a landfill (sustainable). 

    Boots are vegan leather and suede. No animals were harmed making this fabulous footwear.

    10% of profit from boot sales is donated to helping refugees in the arts.