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Third Eye Chakra Journal (Colour Interior)

Third Eye Chakra Journal (Colour Interior)

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7 Covers Available. Collect them all.


Chakra Workbook:

Whether you’re just learning the Chakra system or practicing checking in with yourself, you can capture everything for your Chakra work in this journal. Using sections based on the Chakra colours and a corresponding table of contents. If you'd like to match your pen ink to the page colour - you can! The PILOT Precise V5 12-pack pen set has all the colours needed.

Chakra mantras are provided at the beginning of each section, followed by 20 numbered pages. Once you finish writing, pop the topic of your entry in the table of contents at the beginning of the journal. When you finish the journal, it is easy to go back and reference your thoughts - the table of contents will outline everything that you wrote.

    Start using a RainbowCity journal today!


    • 8 table of contents pages
    • 139 numbered lined pages
    • 10 numbered blank pages
    • 1-of-a-kind, beautiful cover art

    Where does the cover art come from?

    The cover art is designed by Lady Playford, an artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with acrylic poring paint, graphic design and good vibes. She hopes that the bright colours bring you as much joy when you see them as she felt pouring them.

    Recommended pens: PILOT Precise V5 RT Refillable & Retractable Liquid Ink Rolling Ball Pens, Extra Fine Point (0.5mm) Assorted Color Inks, 12-Pack. The 7 colours match the Chakra colours.

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