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  • This journal was designed to be cut up!

    Cut, punch and plan.

    Compatible with The Happy Planner: This size was specifically chosen so you can integrate these pages with the My Happy Planner rings. Simply slice the spine clean off of this book, punch the pages, and fit them into your Happy Planner as loose pages.

    There is a .5" margin from the spine of the book to make your cut. It will leave you with pages 7 x 9.25”, perfect for My Happy Planner - Classic size.

  • RainbowCity journals are designed to help you!

    Don't fall into the trap of "waiting for it to be perfect to start"

    As a late diagnosed ADHDer, and the designer of these journals, I spent my entire life getting journals and never writing in them because they were too beautiful, or my ideas were out of order and I couldn't rearrange them, or things would get lost in a sea of lists. I wanted something small that I could carry with me to take personal and work notes.

  • Plan the work, work the plan

    I also know that my brain gets bored if I feel stuck with something for too long. RainbowCity journals are offered in so many different colours and patterns for three reasons:

    1. You build and keep the habit of journaling while

    2. Stimulating your brain with new journals in new colours as soon as your finish one

    3. You can collect them all

  • Introducing the table of contents

    With RainbowCity journals, page numbers and a table of contents come standard so it's easy to keep track of everything! If my meeting notes from last Thursday are on page 37-38, I can quickly reference them. With everything all in one place, I'm more organized, don't miss deadlines and I see success in all areas of life.

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